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The very fine handcrafted KNIVES SET
De Luxe professional set


1 - Professional SHARPENER
1 - FILLET & Boning Knife

Blades in High Quality Stainless Chrome Molybdenum Steel - Inox Rostfrei. Handles artistically handcrafted in carved Black Buffalo Horn and JATOBA Hardwood made-at-order. Personalized with blade engraving option. A GIFT MUST! To see more details, go to:

The BIG HUNTER knife

Entirely handcrafted custom made-to-order, is a nice model. Very resistant and robust for hunting and all purpose needs. Below at the link, you can select the handles options. Will be delivered sharpened, with a very resistant nice handmade genuine leather sheath. You may select two phrases (2 lines) for a permanent engraving on the blade. We offer a lifetime warranty for the blade and handle, so as permanent re-sharpening and polishing services, without any charge. Beyond the traditional nice genuine antler handle, you may select various combinations such as buffalo horn, bone, and extremely rare and hard Brazilian Hardwood.To see more details: go to: .

The Extra Bowie Knife
The Big Bowie Knife

Very nice model of a fine Bowie. Handcrafted in various handle options. Buffalo Horn, Antler and also Gold Plated option for bolster and butt. Artistically engraving is a valuable and high distinctive gift and a collectors rare item. Resistant and robust for hunting and all purpose needs. Will be delivered with a very resistant nice handmade genuine leather sheath. You can't go wrong with a Strassburger Knife Lifetime Warranty for blade and handle. To see more, go to:


The Old German Colonial Style Knife


The traditional old German Colonial style knives are the most, considering an all purpose knife. It was used day by day by the first German Immigrants, as an important tool for outdoor working, in the kitchen and also as a defense weapon. STRASSBURGER knives are made of the best High Carbon Steel and also the modern Cutlery Chrome Molybdenum Stainless Steel imported from Germany and kept through the centuries the same original style design and quality. To see more, go to

Sharpener Rod
Knife Sharpening Instructions - General Knives
Sharpening a knife is sometimes perceived as the most difficult knife care task; and it probably is. Modern stainless steel is very hard and, when sharpened properly, will hold a good edge for a very long time. When sharpening a knife you must have a high quality sharpener that features a rough stock removal surface (preferably diamond abrasive) and a finishing surface of hard stone or ceramic abrasive. The diamond and ceramic materials will cut away the steel on the blade's cutting surface easily as these materials are harder than steel. A hard stone will also perform this task, but the stone is only slightly harder than the steel and so this requires more effort on your part.
Most times, simply using a kitchen steel on your cutlery will be sufficient. See instructions at the link below. Remember, Keep your knife sharpened -- a dull blade can be more dangerous than a properly maintained one. To learn more, go to:

Johann Heinrich Strassburger, 1860.Katharina Elizabetha Kuwer  Strassburger, 1860
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Also the JATOBA Harwood, a must for Knife Handles, is used to perform the best Strassburger Knives Handles. To go to our linked partner pages, click here. To see some rare handcrafted handmade knives from Strassburger Knives, go to Knife Photo Gallery. To got to our sites and homepages directory list, go to

The Interagentraders Swiss Army Knives Victorinox.
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The Swiss Army Knives Victorinox.
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The Strassburger Fine Custom Handcrafted Knives and Cutlery.

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The BIG BOWIE custom handcrafted knife, is fully made-at-order and personalized engraved. To see more details about the Old German Colonial Style Knives, go to CUTELARIA

Belt buckles with a remarkable surprise inside. How to have your tool where you need it, all the time!!!


Very fine handmade personalized knives
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